Clarias magur (Hamilton, 1822)


Genus: Clarias Scopoli

Body elongated and compressed, head depressed, mouth terminal, wide and transverse. Eyes small, barbels 4 pairs, rayed dorsal fin without a spine, long extending beyond occiput to caudal fin base. Adipose dorsal fin absent, anal fin long extending from middle of the body to caudal fin base.

Synony ms: Clarias jagur Hamilton, 1822; Macropteronotus jagur Hamilton, 1822; M. magur Hamilton, 1822.

Diagnosis: Dorsal fin rays 64-71, anal 26-54, pectoral 9-11. Body darkish brown almost black in colour, snout slightly broader than that of C. gariepinus

Common names: Magur, catfish


Amochhu: Torsa (Chukha)

Altitude: 190 MASL

Conservation status: Introduced