Fish production in Bhutan mainly comprised of production from warm water aquaculture, which is very minimal compared to the country’s demand for fish. To ensure sufficient fish production and supply within the country the Trout Breeding Centre (TBC) was established with the introduction of Rainbow trout in 2008.

The main aim of the Centre is to promote and develop fish culture based on cold water fish species. The TBC is also involved in fish conservation program.


  • To promote and develop cold water fish culture in the country
  • To conserve fish (Brown trout) through regular fish stocking program


  • Breeding and fish seed production of rainbow trout for distribution to fish farmers as well as for fish production in the farm
  • Promote and develop trout aquaculture amongst potential fish farmers
  • Standardize breeding techniques for native fish species such as snow trout for river stocking
  • Produce fish seed of brown trout for river stocking
  • Research trial on rearing of other bold water fish species (Sturgeon) for aquaculture
  • Research trial on fish feed formulation
  • Research trial on fish product development such as smoking and vacuum packaging