The Lead Technical officer from FAO RAP Office accompanied by senior officials from DoL and DLS, Haa visited the Centre on 7th March, 2023. During their visit, the officials were provided with a tour of the farm premises and had the opportunity to interact with the staff.

The NRDCRLF staff bid farewell to Mr. Karma Wangchuk, the Deputy Chief Livestock Production Officer. Mr. Karma had been a dedicated member of our team since 2012, serving for almost 10 years under the Fisheries Resource Management Unit. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for your contributions and dedication during your time with […]

The Input and Production Unit in collaboration with Trout Breeding Centre and Fish Conservation Unit Targaythang successfully stocked 12,660 numbers of rainbow trout fingerlings at Fish Conservation Unit Targaythang on December 21-30, 2022. The objective of the stocking program is to; firstly, continue with the growth assessment of the rainbow trout at FCU, Targaythang. Secondly, […]

Roe refers to the fully ripped eggs from fish and is being served as a dish or garnish. Roe is considered as a delicacy that is often added to scrambled or devilled eggs, toast, crackers or on a salad. The eggs are collected from mature female fish and simply boiled in water and a suitable […]

The Director General of Thailand International Cooperation Agency (TICA) accompanied by Thai delegates visited the Centre on 8th December, 2022. The officials were given a brief tour around the farm premises while interacting with the staffs.

On a week-long program, delegates from Royal Project Foundation, Thailand visited the Centre at Haa and Harachhu. The visit was to primarily provide technical assessment of existing rearing facility and infrastructure for the development and up scaling of sturgeon farming in the country.