NRDCR&LF, Haa initiated and coordinated the 10 days (11th -25th Nov, 2020) farmers training on Trout Farm Management to the interested farmers and youth entrepreneur at NRDCR&LF, Haa. From this training the farmers and the entrepreneur are likely to gain knowledge and skills about the fish farming. The more learning and more experiences on fish farming might lead them to identify their training needs on fish farming and running of their farm in the future. The 10 days long training covered all the basic needs and skills of managing the trout farm. This includes, siting and designing of pond, Hatchery Management, RNR costsharing mechanism, on farm practicals, Fish segregation practical, Harvesting and Marketing (Ready market to harvested fish; Methods of fish culling; Time of harvest; Sorting, counting and weighing of harvested fish; Post harvest and processing management (Drying, salting, fermenting, freezing and smoking) Packaging and Transportation of product), Brood stock management (What is Brood stock? Why do we need brood stock in farm? Age of the brood stock? How to maintain? Breeding Season for Rainbow trout; Breeding technique? Source  table fish eyed ova; Source of brooder stock eyed ova), Fingerling management (What is fingerling management; Pond preparation (Pre and Post stocking); Feeding; Fingerling Transportation (what equipments are required, fish conditioning before transpotation, acclimatazaion),   Record Keeping, Farm bio-security and Fish Health Management (How is the fish effected by the diseases, How to prevent and treat the disease. What are the control measures to be taken), Theory on Fish smoking & practical session and Field visits to private farms in Haa.

At the end of the training the all the participants were awarded with certificates for successfully completing the training program.