As per the announcement made in MoAF website on January 5, 2022 the National Research and Development Centre for Riverine & Lake Fisheries, Haa under the Department of Livetock, MoAF is pleased to announce the short-listed candidates for the post of Fishery Attendants, ESP as  mentioned below:

Sl.No Name Gender CID No Post Applied For Remarks
1. Dechen Om Female 10501000590 Fishery Attendant  




Venue: NRDCR&LF conference Hall.


2. Narat Ghalley Male 11209000413 Fishery Attendant
3. Pema Tshewang Male 10706001599 Fishery Attendant
4. Yeshi Jamtsho Male 11210001140 Fishery Attendant
5. Tshomo Female 10505000715 Fishery Attendant
6. Dawa Tshering Sherpa Male 11207002419 Fishery Attendant
7. Nima Sherpa Male 11207002092 Fishery Attendant
8. Sarmila Rai Female 10301001864 Fishery Attendant
9. Suren Rai Male 11207000223 Fishery Attendant
10. Amir Rai Male 11209002151 Fishery Attendant
11. Kinley Tshering Male 10503001115 Fishery Attendant

The short-listed candidates will be intimated through telephone for date and time of interview as soon as the situation return to normal.