The Input and Production Unit in collaboration with Trout Breeding Centre and Fish Conservation Unit Targaythang successfully stocked 12,660 numbers of rainbow trout fingerlings at Fish Conservation Unit Targaythang on December 21-30, 2022.

The objective of the stocking program is to; firstly, continue with the growth assessment of the rainbow trout at FCU, Targaythang. Secondly, to ease the spacing problem at TBC, and lastly to make full utilization of the rearing facility at FCU for the production of rainbow trout.

The average fingerling size at the time of stocking was recorded at 10.16 grams (g) with a total length (TL) of 9.75 centimetres (cm) respectively. IPU will be carrying out monthly data collection. Fish will be reared until they reach table size (250-305 g per fish) and the Centre is expected to produce three metric tons of rainbow trout at the end of the rearing period.