Neoeucirrhichthys maydelli (Banarescu & Nalbant, 1968)

Genus: Neoeucirrhichthys Banarescu & Nalbant

Body elongated and slightly compressed, caudal peduncle rather low and compressed. Eyes moderate and high, a strong bifid suborbital spine under anterior half of eye. Barbels absent.

Synony ms: Neoeucirrhichthys maydelli Banarescu & Nalbant, 1968

Diagnosis: Dorsal fin rays 3/7, anal 2/5, pectoral 10. Body elongated, head and body strongly compressed, head in lateral view triangular with gently convex dorsal and ventral margins. Eyes ovoid, barbels absent, short fleshy process present at the angle of the mouth.


Common names: Goalpara loach


Punatsanchhu: Bandar bir (Dagana)

Amochhu Torsa khola (Chukha)

Altitude: 90 MASL

Conservation status: Least concern (IUCN)