Aborichthys elongatus (Hora, 1921)

Genus: Aborichthys Chaudhuri

Body elongated and compressed. Vent placed far forward. Preorbital spine absent. Lips thick, continuous at the angel of mouth with lower lip interrupted in the middle.

Synony ms: Noemachilus (Aborichthys) elongatus Menon, 1987.

Diagnosis: Dorsal fin rays 3/8, anal 2/5, pectoral 1/10. Body slender, eyes small, not visible from underside of head. Bands on the body broader than interspace.

Common names: Gadera


Punatsangchhu: Homa doban (Dagana)

Altitude: 220 MASL

Conservation status: Least concern (IUCN)