Amblyceps cf. arunachalensis (Nath & Dey, 1989)


Genus: Amblyceps Blyth

Body elongated, subcylindrical, head small, broad covered with thick skin. Dorsal fin inserted above midpoint of pectoral fin with a weak spine. Adipose dorsal fin present.

Synony ms: Amblyceps arunachalensis Nath & Dey, 1989.

Diagnosis: Jaw unequal, lower jaw longer than upper, rectal fold reduced, tubercles present on skin, caudal fin with upper lobe longer. Adipose dorsal fin not confluent with caudal fin but widely separated.

Common names: Not known in Bhutan Distribution:

Amochhu Torsa khola (Chukha)

Altitude: 195 MASL (Single locality)

Conservation status: Least concern (IUCN)