Anguilla bengalensis (Gray, 1831)



Genus: Anguilla Schrank

Body elongated, robust, cylindrical anteriorly, compressed posteriorly, with complete lateral line . Scales small and embedded.

Synonyms: Muraena bengalensis Gray, 1831; A. nebulosa
nebulosa, McClelland, 1844; A. Anguilla (nec Linnaeus)
Kulkarni and Ranade, 1974.

Diagnosis: Dorsal fin rays 250-305; Anal 220-250; Pectoral
18. Body elongated and robust, tail compressed from the side.
Pectoral fin present, dorsal fin inserted nearer to vent than gill
Common names: Indian long fin eel, rajabam, bhuel-nya.
Distribution: Sunkosh river in Punastangchhu (Dagana),
Altitude: 289 MASL
Conservation status: Near threatened and endangered in
India, status in Bhutan not known