Bangana dero (Hamilton, 1822)

Genus: Bangana Hamilton

Upper jaw fully enclosed in upper lip, its median portion covered by rostral fold. Post labial groove uninterrupted and forming a deep, transverse groove that fully separates lower lip from mental region. Dorsal fin with 10 – 12 branched rays.

Synony ms: Cyprinus dero Hamilton, 1822; Labeo diplostomus (nec Heckel) Day, 1877; Osteochilus chalybeatus (Valenciennes) Day, 1877; L. almorhae Chaudhuri, 1912; L. rilli Chaudhuri, 1912; L. dero Hora and Mukerji, 1936.

Diagnosis: Dorsal fin rays 2-3/9-12, anal 2-3/5, pectoral 1/16-17 Prominent mouth which is overhanging with a distinct interrupted deep groove and tubercles on snout. 42 scales on lateral line.

Common names: Kalabans, Bhanga Distribution:

Punatsangchhu: Kalikhola, Sheti bagar and Jamuni (Dagana)

Amochhu: Torsa (Chukha)

Wangchhu: Pipping (Chukha)

Altitude: 125 – 200 MASL

Conservation status: Least concern (IUCN)