Glyptothorax sp 3.

Subfamily: Glyptosterinae

Genus: Glyptothorax Blyth

Body elongated and depressed, skin smooth, granulated or tuberculated. Head depressed, chest with a thoracic adhesive apparatus, which is rhomboidal in shape. Gill membranes united with each other and isthmus. Paired fins plaited below.

Diagnosis: Skin granulated, Dark in colour with a light colour stripe on the dorsal and ventral mid line. Posterior margins of all fins outlined in white, nasal barbel extends halfway to anterior margin of eye, maxillary barbel reaches posterior margin of pectoral fin base, outer mandibular reaches origin of pectoral fin. Thoracic adhesive apparatus longer than broad with a median depression

Distribution: Kamechhu (W/phodrang)

Altitude: 650 MASL