Paracanthocobitis sp 2


Subfamily: Nemacheilinae

Genus: Paracanthocobitis Grant
Lower lip with large papillated pad on either side of medial interruption; upper lip with 2-5 rows of papillae; conspicuous black spot with white outline on upper half of caudal fin base. Caudal fin emarginate or truncate, anus closer to pelvic fin insertion than to anal fin insertion.

Diagnosis: Dorsal fin with 11 branched rays, lateral line complete, pelvic axial lobe present, 4-5 bands on the caudal fin, a round spot on the dorsal margin of the caudal peduncle. Series of inverted triangular marks beneath the lateral line.

Distribution: Nyichula, Sheti bagar (Dagana)

Altitude: 125 MASL