Pseudocheneis serinica (Vishwanath & Darshan, 2007)

Genus: Pseudocheneis Blyth

Body subcylindrical, ventral surface flat upto pelvic fins, head short, anteriorly depressed, a broad oval, sucker like thoracic apparatus present, composed of series of prominent well developed, transverse muscular fold of skin.

Diagnosis: Body subcylindrical, ventral surface flat, longest ray of pelvic fin reaching anal fin origin or beyond, caudal peduncle rounded. Skin smooth but sparsely tuberculated on the head and predorsal region. Adipose dorsal fin long about 22.7 – 23.1 % standard length.

Common names: Sucker throat catfish, jantarey, kabrey


Amochhu: Namchhu (Samtse)

Altitude: 500 MASL (Single locality)

Conservation status: Least concern (IUCN)