Semiplotus semiplotus (McClelland, 1839)

Genus: Semiplotus Bleeker

Body deep, short and compressed laterally. Snout thick, prominent overhanging the mouth. Tubercles or open pores present on the snout. Barbel one pair (maxillary); dorsal fin long with 20 to 23 branched rays. Last simple dorsal fin ray osseous, may or may not be serrated posteriorly.

Synonyms: Cyprinus semiplotus McClelland, 1839; Semiplotus mcclellandi Bleeker: Day, 1877; S. cirrhosis chaudhuri, 1919; Cyprinion semiplotum Howes, 1982.

Diagnosis: Dorsal fin rays 3/24-25, anal 2/7, pectoral 1/15. Body very deep, compressed laterally. Snout overhanging an inferior mouth. Dorsal fin smooth with 23 -25 branched fin rays. A transverse row of 10 – 12 open pores across the snout.

Common names: Assamese kingfish, Chepti Distribution:

Punatsangchhu: Koylatar, Labrang, Homa doban (Dagana)

Amochhu: Dorti khola (Chukha); Puena Khola (Chukha); Lauri khola

Altitude: 90 – 400 MASL

Conservation status: Data deficient