Pterocryptis barakensis (Vishwanath & Nebeshwar, 2006)


Genus: Pterocryptis Peters

Body elongated and compressed, abdomen rounded, head depressed. Mouth terminal, rayed dorsal fin small or entirely absent, if present, without a spine. Anal fin long, caudal fin round or truncate. Adipose dorsal fin absent.

Diagnosis: Body elongate, dorsal fin rudimentary with 2 rays or completely absent. 75 rays in the anal fin which is confluent with caudal fin. Pectoral fin with 13 branched rays; maxillary barbels reach midpoint of ventral fin base


Common names: Kalo howlurey, banspattey


Punatsangchhu: Koylatar (Dagana)

Altitude: 150 MASL (Single locality)

Conservation status: Endangered as per IUCN, status in Bhutan not known