Pseudocheneis sulcata (McClelland, 1822)

Genus: Pseudocheneis Blyth

Body subcylindrical, ventral surface flat upto pelvic fins, head short, anteriorly depressed, a broad oval, sucker like thoracic apparatus present, composed of series of prominent well developed, transverse muscular fold of skin.

Synony ms: Glyptosternon sulcatus McClelland, 1822

Diagnosis: Dorsal fin rays 1/6, anal 2-4/7-9, pectoral 1/13. Paired fins long and extended, outer pelvic fin rays with striated skin ventrally. Caudal fin emarginate. Its lobe pointed, lower lobe longer, adipose fin base short about 17.8 – 22.7 % of standard length.

Common names: Sucker throat catfish, jantarey, kabrey


Amochhu: Somchhu (Samtse)

Altitude: 590 MASL (Single locality)

Conservation status: Least concern (IUCN)