Cyprinus carpio (Linnaeus, 1758)

Genus: Cyprinus Linnaeus

Body compressed, robust; head small, eyes placed relatively high on the head. Mouth directed forward and protucible, lips thick and fleshy. Barbels two pairs.

Synony ms: Carpio vulgaris Rapp, 1854; Cyprinus carpio carpio Linnaeus, 1758; C. atrovirens Richarson, 1846.

Diagnosis: Dorsal fin rays 3-4/17-23, anal 2-3/5-6, pectoral 16. Four pair of barbels, last simple ray bony and serrated posteriorly. Lateral line scales 33-35.

Common names: European carp, common carp

Distribution: Punatsangchhu: Introduced in fish pond at Goenshari, Chhimipang, Darla, Tsangkha, Lhamoizhingkha, Gomtu, Sipsu, Tendu, Phuentsholing. Also found in the wild in Amochhu (Dorti khola)

Altitude: 200 – 1318 MASL

Conservation status: Vulnerable (IUCN) and introduced commercially in Bhutan