Aspidoparia jaya (Hamilton, 1822)

Genus: Aspidoparia Heckel

Body elongated, compressed moderately with rounded abdomen. Small mouth which is inferior with a sharp crescentic body edge. Barbels absent, dorsal fin without spine, inserted above or behind pelvic fins.

Synonyms: Cyprinus jaya Hamilton, 1822.

Diagnosis: Dorsal fin rays 2/7; Anal 2/7 . Dorsal fin inserted above pelvic fin origin, lateral line 52 -60. Anal fin with 2 un-branched and 7 branched rays.

Common names: Not known in Bhutan Distribution:

Punatsangchhu: Sunkosh main river and Lhamoizhingkha (Dagana)

Amochhu: Torsa and Dorti river (Chukha)

Altitude: 195 – 298 MASL

Conservation status: Least concern (IUCN)