Channa melanostigma (Geetakumari & Vishwanath, 2011)


Genus: Channa Scopoli

Body very elongate, almost cylindrical anteriorly and somewhat compressed posteriorly, head large, mouth fairly large. Dorsal and anal fin based long, pelvic fin sub abdominal.

Diagnosis: Dorsal fin rays 36 – 37 simple rays, anal 24 -25, pectoral 1 simple and 14 -15 branched rays Caudal fin with 14 -zig-zag bars, black spots throughout the flanks. 14 -15 alternate black and whitish transverse bars on body. 44 -46 pored lateral line scales.

Common names: Snakehead, hille


Punatsangchhu: Sunkosh (Dagana)

Amochhu: Dorti khola (Chukha)

Altitude: 200 MASL

Conservation status: Data deficient