Pethia conchonius (Hamilton, 1822)

Genus: Pethia Meegas kumbura and Maduwage

Last unbranched dorsal fin ray stiff, serrated; rostral barbels absent; maxillary barbels absent or minute; a black blotch on the caudal peduncle; and frequently, black blotches, spots or bars on the side of the body.

Synonyms: Cyprinus conchonius Hamilton – Buchanan, 1822; Puntius conchonius Hamilton 1822; Barbus conchonius Day, 1878; P. conchonius khagariansis Shrivastava and Munshi, 1988; Systomus conchonius Hamilton, 1822; S. pyropterus McClelland, 1839.
Diagnosis: Dorsal fin rays 3/7-8, anal 2-3/5, pectoral 1/18. Dorsal fin inserted equidistance between tip of snout and base of caudal fin. Last unbranched ray of dorsal fin osseous, strong and serrated. Lateral line incomplete, ceases after 10t h or 13t h scale. Barbels absent. A dark round blotch at caudal peduncle. Dorsal fin tips black.

Common names: Rosy barb, red barb.


Punatsangchhu: Labrang (Dagana)

Altitude: 140 MASL

Conservation status: Least concern (IUCN)